Personal Safety

Print On Tyme will support your printing needs during the Covid-19 outbreak. Our non-medical face coverings will allow people to effectively cover their faces in accordance with the recently published government guidelines. They are comfortable to wear and are machine washable to allow for repeated use. Importantly they will also protect the stock of PPE required for our healthcare workers.


from £ 18

Wear a Trumask® to help protect you and those around you. Built to use a Replaceable Nano filter System, these masks are designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

Trumask® Filters

from £ 10

Our Trumask® Filters offer high filtration efficiency while at the same time ensuring maximum breathability.

Face Masks

from £ 3

These facemasks intended for personal use in non-medical settings in the hope of containing the spread of the virus.

Face Shields

from £ 55

Shield your face from spray and splatter, help reduce the spread of Covid-19 with protective face shields

Hand Sanitiser Labels

from £ 65

With the outbreak of Coronavirus and the huge demand on hand sanitisers, we thought you might need help with hand sanitiser labels printing.

Hand Sanitiser Stands

from £ 95

Hand Sanitisers are a must-have product to ensure hygiene is met in high-footfall areas of your business. Even as we recover from this global pandemic.

Hi-Vis Vests

from £ 15

This social distancing Hi-Vis Vest is great for reminding other workers on site or members of the public to keep 2 metres apart when working.

Counter Sneeze Guard

from £ 40

Our Counter Sneeze Guards are a great way of protecting your staff from the spread of COVID-19 and also provide a visible example.

Hand Sanitiser

from £ 20

This 1 Litre hand sanitiser is designed for long term use and high traffic areas. It can be mounted on the wall itself or used to refill wall dispensers

Desk Dividers

from £ 85

Protect staff and customers with social distancing desk dividers,easy to assemble, adjustable* partition devices act as a perfect social distance solution.