Wall and Window Vinyls

Make the message clear at this critical time with a wall or window vinyl. Provide important information and guidance effectively to help ensure everyone is safe. 


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Artwork Guide

Once you have placed your order you can upload your print ready artwork. Please allow 3mm bleed on all sides, and supply as a CMYK PDF with all fonts outlined or embedded. Please ensure your resolution is 150dpi and your design is at a scale of 1:1. And if you require a custom shape, please follow instructions in the technical specification.

Artwork Templates

Covid Wall and Window Vinyls Printing

Customise your own wall or window vinyls to display important messages when they are needed most.

With a broad range of materials and sizes to choose from, we have you covered at this crucial time. Even choose a custom shape to further enhance the effectiveness of your messages! 

Technical Specification for Wall and Window Vinyls

Technical Specification

Our wall and window vinyls will last up to 3 years outdoors (if not subjected to significant abrasion). Our maximum printable width is 1470mm. For anything exceeding this, we will divide the vinyl into sections with an overlap of 15mm.

Monomeric Vinyl – Self-adhesive monomeric vinyl, 100µ (microns) – available as a matt or gloss finish. Available with standard matt and gloss lamination. For outdoor use, add a UV filter 5 lamination to increase resistance to fading in the sunlight. 

Transparent Vinyl – Self-adhesive transparent monomeric vinyl, 100µ (microns) – Available with mirror-print and white print. Select ‘window sticker’ if you require the print on the same side as the adhesive. Add a white print to either act as an underpin to make areas of your design opaque or to print as a stand alone colour. Available with standard matt and gloss lamination and UV filter 5 lamination to increase resistance to fading in the sunlight. 

Artwork Specification

When supplying artwork for Window and Wall Vinyls, please supply 1 multi layered PDF, which contains the following:

  • 3mm bleed on all sides
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 150 dpi resolution
  • Artwork layer named “Artwork” with CMYK artwork for print

Custom Shape:

If you are ordering a custom shape, please supply a vector cutting guide within a layer named “KissCutting”. The cutting shape should be a single closed vector shape with a line weight of 0.25pt, set as a spot colour named “KissCutting”

using 100% Magenta only. This should be setup as an overprint stroke. Its dimensions must match the size ordered. e.g. If you order a 150 x 150mm vinyl, then your cutting guide must also be 150 x 150mm.

White Print:

If you require a white underpin (on transparent materials) please ensure you have a spot colour named “White” (case sensitive) and set at 100% cyan. Please make sure that this is set to overprint and is a vector not a bitmap image.
Select mirror print for window stickers that should be printed in reverse (if you wish to put your sticker on the inside of a window to face outwards). You can submit your artwork as usual, and we will mirror your design prior to printing.

If you require your print to be printed on the same side as the adhesive, please select ‘window sticker’.