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Reducing On-site and Off-site storage costs.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of scanning for legal firms. We handle a vast amount of legal files on a daily basis. The prepared documents are scanned by our highly trained and skilled scanning operatives. We use top of the range scanning equipment which features a full range of intelligent settings and configurations that ensure no pieces of paper are missed during the scanning process. We offer exclusive tariffs to legal firms due to the large volume of paperwork they produce. If your legal firm is in need of scanning, for example your valuable office space is being taking up with boxes, contact us for a very competitive quotation. We can be very flexible and offer all sorts of payments options such as a fixed price/budget per month.

Key Benefits of document scanning
  • Reduced storage space and storage costs
  • Security of data from fire, flood and disaster
  • An intelligent, organised filling and archive system all accessed from your computer
  • Retrieval of documents without the need to leave your desk
  • Easy text search within documents reducing the need to read through entire documents
  • Reduced copying and distribution costs
  • Scanned documents may be viewed by multiple users simultaneously
  • Control over who has access to your documents
  • Increased staff efficiency